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The Pandemic is Retreating , but Long Haul COVID is here to stay

As we move forward from the pandemic, long haul COVID is emerging with implications to individuals’ health and employment. According to the CDC, 13.3% of individuals after infection are likely to develop long haul COVID.  To be classified as long haul, COVID-19 symptoms need to be present for a minimum of four weeks after initial

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COVID-19 Pandemic Update

The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact By Jennifer Bey, MS, CRC, CVEVocational Consultant The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every facet of our lives, not the least of which is our jobs.  Whether you are an “essential worker”, a remote employee, were furloughed or laid off, or were lucky enough to continue as “status quo”, your employment

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Employment In A Pandemic

OUR NEW REALITY, THE UNCHARTED WORK WORLD – EMPLOYMENT IN A PANDEMIC By Tanya Dyer, MS, CRC, IPECVocational ConsultantCertified Rehabilitation CounselorInternational Psychometric Evaluation Certification Our new reality, what does it even mean?  What industries have been the hardest hit?  As unemployment claims continue to mount, some of the most negatively impacted industries seem obvious but

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