Career Exploration | Career Counseling

We believe in the importance of enjoying a full life with purpose. With so much time and energy devoted to our work, one deserves a career path that brings success. You can find this success through career exploration.

Through timely career exploration, homework assignments, coaching and accountability support, we lead you down a path toward greater fulfillment.

A variety of services offered by Raderstorf, Bey & Dyer can be utilized in the career counseling process.  These include:

  • Career Field Research
  • Connection with Appropriate Community Resource
  • Employment Retention Support
  • Interest/Values Testing
  • Job Interview Preparation and Debriefing
  • Personal Network Development
  • Skill Identification


“I have needed assistance in transitioning my clients from their current career into the exploration of new possibilities when they have been unable to continue their current job.  Mark and Jen have been assets in encouraging my clients to consider alternative job opportunities that would utilize their previous job skills and interests.  They are able to streamline the process of identifying job goals for my clients to optimize their job search as well as instill confidence in their ability moving forward.”

Ann Brown, RN, BSN, CDMS
Optimal Recovery Inc.
Minneapolis, MN