Disability Consultation

If you are looking for disability consultation, you have come to the right place.  Each person who has a disability brings a unique set of circumstances to a work environment. Ensuring that an individual with a disability is working in a job that utilizes their strengths is the key to a productive and satisfying work setting.

Raderstorf, Bey & Dyer can bring to the table an objective third party who can assess an an individual’s medical or psychological condition and its impact on performing specific occupational duties.

This service can be delivered in many forms, tailored to the employee’s or employer’s needs, and may include:

  • File Review and Disability Assessment
  • Peer Consultation with related treatment providers to address specific work issues and impact on treatment goals
  • Onsite Consultation with employee’s supervisor and human resources
  • Recommendations regarding reasonable accommodations
  • Mediation and Team Building
  • Training regarding specific disability conditions


“I have worked with Mark Raderstorf for well over the past twenty years and received consistent, reliable results. He has remained neutral in assessing a client’s IQ, transferable skills, learning style, executive function, communication, and spatial relations to help formulate vocational goals to be used in job placement. Mark’s results have proven to be invaluable in identifying each client’s strengths for successful job search and/or career change.”

Rehabilitation Consultant, OTR/LQRC, CDMS, CCM
Minneapolis, MN