Endorsements Raderstorf, Bey & Dyer

“Mark is my ‘go-to’ guy when I need a vocational assessment. I can count on Mark to provide a fair, comprehensive, thoughtful and well-reasoned evaluation of a person’s earning capacity. Mark and his associates are a pleasure to work with.”

Jack D. Moore – Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, PA

“I have used Mark Raderstorf as my primary source for vocational evaluations and labor market research for more than twenty years for my family law practice. I have also referred clients and friends to Mark for vocational counseling.  He is knowledgeable, fair and thorough in his evaluations and recommendations.”

 Kathryn Graves, Attorney – Henson & Efron, PA

“In my opinion, Mark Raderstorf is the best vocational expert in Minnesota.  His evaluations are comprehensive, his research is thorough, his opinions are well-supported, and his testimony is sincere and credible.  Whether he is serving as my client’s expert, as a court-appointed neutral, or as the opposing party’s expert, I would always give his opinion great weight and deference.  In an area that is not abundant with highly-qualified experts, he is the top professional for a reliable assessment.”

 Robert W. Due, Attorney – DeWitt Mackall Crounse & Moore

“I have worked with Mark Raderstorf for well over the past twenty years and received consistent, reliable results. He has remained neutral in assessing a client’s IQ, transferable skills, learning style, executive function, communication, and spatial relations to help formulate vocational goals to be used in job placement. Mark’s results have proven to be invaluable in identifying each client’s strengths for successful job search and/or career change.”

 Rehabilitation Consultant, OTR/LQRC, CDMS, CCM

“I have needed assistance in transitioning my clients from their current career into the exploration of new possibilities when they have been unable to continue their current job.  Mark and Jen have been assets in encouraging my clients to consider alternative job opportunities that would utilize their previous job skills and interests.  They are able to streamline the process of identifying job goals for my clients to optimize their job search as well as instill confidence in their ability moving forward.”

 Ann Brown, RN, BSN, CDMS – Optimal Recovery Inc.

“Jen Bey has proven to be a very careful and effective vocational reviewer for our clients.  On several occasions she has identified new ways to evaluate the vocational issue that were helpful to the client.”

Kate MacKinnon, Attorney
Law Office of Katherine L. MacKinnon P.L.L.C.
St.Paul, MN