Virtual Services – the New Norm

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it would appear that virtual services will be the new norm, at least temporarily. We have converted all of our services – vocational evaluations, psychological evaluations, career counseling, and job coaching – to telehealth norms via video conferencing. Like many of you, Zoom calls have become our best friend.
We can offer our full array of services via video conferencing and online test administration.
We understand that you may have questions with this new service delivery model.
Here are some questions from our referral sources that have been directed to us during this pandemic:
  • How can you do psychological or vocational testing remotely?

We have pivoted quickly to using online versions of our testing instruments. Most of our vocational tests have online counterparts.  For those few vocational tests that do not have online versions, we have switched to comparable tests which assess the same aptitudes or skills. All of our psychological and personality test have online versions.

  • My client is not tech savvy – this will be a huge barrier for their cooperation.

We recognize that some people are not computer literate. Our office manager, Kris Manion, who is very patient and a great instructor, will walk the client through a dry run of the Zoom call the day before the service is scheduled. The RBA clinician (Tanya, Jen, or Mark) will be on the Zoom call to guide the client through the online testing process. However, there is a basic requirement that the client have a desktop computer or laptop computer, and WIFI connection to complete testing.

  • Is this process secure for exchange of PHI?

Yes, we will continue to meet the same security standards for HIPPA compliance as our face-to-face meetings and evaluations.

  • Isn’t the quality of the assessment not as good when conducting a virtual evaluation?

Research on telehealth services suggests that providing a service to someone in a familiar home environment can lead to a more comfortable process. We are eager to see what this might look like.

One last point of clarification, unlike independent medical examinations, we do not perform any physical examinations or in person physical testing of a person’s capabilities.  Our interaction with a client is a dual approach with the clinical interview and administration of tests.  We believe we can deliver the same quality of service through virtual technology.  It is a whole new world out there now, and we are ready to embrace it. 

We are glad to talk through any concerns you have about a potential client.  Feel free to contact us at or call us at 612-823-5187

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