Job Coach Services – Maximize Your Potential

Difficulties in the  workplace can be complicated, costly, and draining for you (the employee), your supervisor, and your entire department. The Raderstorf, Bey & Dyer Job Coach Services provides a framework to counterbalance a downward slide and keep you on the job as a productive employee.

What are some of the key workplace issues we have seen at Raderstorf, Bey & Dyer?

  • Increased stress in an employee’s personal life can lead to reduced productivity and greater absence frequency
  • Supervisor and coworker relationships are strained
  • Despite an employer’s best intention to provide support and guidance, the relationship with the employee may become polarized and contentious
  • This can result in extended absence leave, reticence on the part of the employer to accommodate, and unaddressed concerns of both employer and employee

Value of the Raderstorf, Bey & Dyer Job Coach

  • Outside, objective, neutral third party to intervene
  • Timely communication between you (the employee), your supervisor and your treatment provider (if necessary).
  • Offers opportunities to educate supervisors/co-workers and address barriers for success and a plan to return to productivity.
  • Relationship issues between employee, supervisors and coworkers are identified and addressed
  • Facilitate and promote onsite meetings with you and your supervisor to reduce misunderstandings and improve positive work environment.
  • Promote healthy work relationships with peers by addressing conflict resolution strategies
  • Individualized training to you using known intervention techniques to help you learn to perform job tasks in more productive ways.
  • Ongoing support to employee and supervisor to ensure successful return to full productivity.

Components of our job coach services often include weekly face to face meetings, homework assignments, and regular interaction with your supervisor. We strive for a team approach and make sure everyone is on board with our goals.