Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation

When an individual is at a crossroads in their life, a comprehensive vocational evaluation can be a key step towards a more satisfying career path.

This is a time to take a holistic view of what seems like an often complex life situation and confirm the skills and interests that will make the right fit in the world of work.

A vocational evaluation is typically a daylong process. This will begin with a 60 – 90 minute interview to gather background information which includes:

  • Family background
  • Medical history
  • Education
  • Work history
  • Vocational interest

Relevant Vocational Evaluation Testing

The rest of the evaluation time is tailored toward relevant testing. Tests are chosen to address an individual’s specific needs and can include:

  • Aptitude
  • Intelligence
  • Achievement (Reading, Spelling, Math)
  • Personality Characteristics
  • Work Values
  • Vocational Interests (likes/dislikes)

Following the scoring and interpretation of testing, a report is prepared to summarize the test results, also address career recommendations, and answer referral questions. A follow-up meeting with the client can occur to map out a recommended vocational plan.


“Mark is my ‘go-to’ guy when I need a vocational assessment. I can count on Mark to provide a fair, comprehensive, thoughtful and well-reasoned evaluation of a person’s earning capacity. Mark and his associates are a pleasure to work with.”

Jack D. Moore
Lind, Jensen, Sullivan & Peterson, PA
Minneapolis, MN

“I have used Mark Raderstorf as my primary source for vocational evaluations and labor market research for more than twenty years for my family law practice. I have also referred clients and friends to Mark for vocational counseling.  He is knowledgeable, fair and thorough in his evaluations and recommendations.”

Kathryn Graves, Attorney
Henson & Efron, PA
Minneapolis, MN

“Jen Bey has proven to be a very careful and effective vocational reviewer for our clients.  On several occasions she has identified new ways to evaluate the vocational issue that were helpful to the client.”

Kate MacKinnon, Attorney
Law Office of Katherine L. MacKinnon P.L.L.C.
St.Paul, MN